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“Success is most often achieved by those who don't know that failure is inevitable"
 I could tell you that I come from a long family line of artists and craftsmen and how I was lucky enough to grow up in a home where painting on the walls was encouraged. I could also tell you I grew up in a multi- cultural environment that surrounded me in a world of texture, color and diversity that would later in life benefit me greatly in my love of art. I could tell you of the many long hours of study and practice to master a specific skill because of the importance of pride in your work.

But Simply... I'm an Artist and all that it pertains. I want to be surrounded by beautiful things that sparkle, glow and fill a room with the most wonderful of colors. I see Art in everything so maybe that is why one medium, two, not even three can keep me content. I want to experience it all... creativity cannot be contained or limited.

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I paint, I draw, 
I design jewelry,
I create wearable art. 
I also love to reshape furniture into something wondrous 
and whimsical. 
I can surround a bride in the most beautiful of floral and snap together a custom tree so life like, you will expect the leaves to change in seasons.
 I can even sew my own 
clothing designs when the current fashion trends 
bore me to tears. 
So with that you will find a little of everything in 
my designs. 
Just because it’s a necklace doesn't mean that a little 
piece of a furniture project doesn't find its way in there. And don't be surprised if 
my rendition of 
the Mona Lisa, isn't
 wearing a velvet wrap 
and hair extensions

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